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Chicago is full of amazing cuisine and flavorful food. If you’re looking for some new food spots, this list is perfect for you. These are June’s freshest new dining spots to try.

Kennedy Rooftop

This trendy spot is now open in the heart of Wicker Park. The diversity of the neighborhood is mirrored in Kennedy’s eclectic restaurant setting. If you think the Chicago skyline is something to behold, a seat at Kennedy Rooftop will give you the perfect view of it. They label themselves as “urban chic,” the perfect mixture of aesthetics to create an amazing dining experience. Enjoy a cocktail in the ambiance of the sparkly city lights and sunset.

Must-try: If you are looking for a starter dish before the main course, you’ve got to try the Empanadas a la Frita. They’re stuffed with either meat or veggies, and laid alongside delicious chipotle aioli, lime wedges, and cucumber pickles.

The Han Burger

 The Han Burger takes pride in sharing traditional Chinese sandwiches, called roujiamo. The trendy thing about this spot is that the menu features just a few tasty options to pick from. Less is more at this joint, and customers are completely satisfied with the simplicity that the Han Burger offers. This Asian cuisine is unlike most and shoves some diversity into an ordinary day.

Must try: The Han Solo. This pork belly dish is so unique and tasty, you’ll want two. Marinated in an array of spices, cilantro, and chili paste, the flavor of this dish is out of this world. To top it off, the meat is laid on a traditional homemade mo bun and served to you.

Food on the Run

A cross between soul food and southern cuisine – the perfect storm. Food on the Run has worked for three years to be able to open their restaurant and share their delicious food with the public. Their yummy menu and amazing service combine to create the best dining experience possible.

“We’ve used them twice for our events so far, and they’re the best soul food you can find in Chi-Town. The quality of the food and service is outstanding,” said one customer.

Must try: If you’re a shrimp lover, try the Jerk Shrimp Egg Rolls. This dish puts an ethnic twist on seafood with its grilled shrimp marinated in Cajun jerk sauce.


The people behind Little Bad Wolf are opening a new restaurant in the beloved Logan Square. This place is a tasty combo of American food classics with a twist. If you love the classic burger fry combo, this is a great spot for you. Or, if you’re looking for something with some distinctive menu items, this is also a perfect place.

Must try: The Tomato Potato Sandwich is a mixture of the unique and adventurous. Give your taste buds something different with this sandwich’s fried green tomato and potato pancake center.

Gotham Bagels

This bagel joint prides itself on tradition. Hand-made bagels at Gotham are crafted to absolute perfection. Owner “Bagel Joe” was a culinary instructor for over 20 years, so he knows the art of baking better than anyone. If you’re looking for a morning meal to get your day started, Gotham has what you need.

Must try: Poppy seed bagel with delicious chimichurri spread. This combination is the perfect blend of savory flavors to kick start your day.

Written by Emma McVady

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