Hubbard Street Dance Premieres Season 39 Fall Series

Quinn B. Wharton

A new season of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago starts this weekend with two premiers and two celebrated ensemble works.

Always focused on putting on new productions Hubbard Street Dance has one from their resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo and the Harris Theater’s inaugural choreographer-in-residence Brian Brooks. There will also be two ensemble works from Jiří Kylián.

Cerrudo’s piece is the 15th original work he has created for Hubbard Street Dance. The full ensemble of 17 dancers will provide a counterpoint to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt and Franz Schubert. The purpose is to readjust what the audience might think of the musical pieces based on the choreography.

Brooks’ piece, “Terrain,” also uses the full ensemble. With the electronic re-composition of Terry Riley’s “In C” as the foundation, the dancers represent a dynamic group fighting and being moved by shockwaves of energy.

Though not new, Hubbard Street Dance will be bringing back Kylián’s “Falling Angels” and “Sarabande.” “Falling Angels” has eight female dancers that are broken up and put together constantly with music inspired by Ghanaian percussion. “Sarabande” features six male dancers performing as a range of life’s psychological states all to the music of Bach’s second partita for solo violin.

Before the Friday performance make sure to head to the Harris Theater for a Balcony Talk where both Cerrudo and Brooks will hold a conversation about their new works.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s Season 39 Fall Series runs Nov. 17—20 at The Harris Theater for Music and Dance, 205 E. Randolph Dr. Tickets start at $30. For tickets and more information visit

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