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Art is truly timeless, especially in the Windy City. That’s why the Art Institute of Chicago offers a wide selection of exhibitions for history and art lovers alike. Visit their current exhibits to learn more about artists from all over the world. 

El Greco: Ambition and Defiance

The world-renowned artist, El Greco, is best known for his distinctive style first showcased in Spanish Renaissance in the 15th century. This exhibition focuses on El Greco’s journey of artistic expression and pursuit of success. Learn how his experiences in Italy, Rome, and Spain influences his artwork and how he continues to be one of the most influential painters in history. Chicago is proud to host his priceless artwork. 

Malangatana: Mozambique Modern

Known as a pioneer for modern African art, Malangatana Ngwenya combines a dense assembly of figures, phantasmagoric portrayals of animals, humans and supernatural beings to create a unique masterpiece. Your eyes will be easily captured by the painting’s bright and dark colors, creating an experience like no other. In this exhibition, learn about his most popular pieces, such as The Witch Doctor, The Poet as a Child, PIDE’s Punishment room, and The Fountain of Blood. Get ready to be wowed by the dynamic use of colors and expression. 

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Celebrity Culture of Paris

Bojour! The Art Institute invites you to explore the flamboyant nightlife of Paris in the 19th century through the artwork of Toulouse-Lautrec. He focused on creating colorful pieces on large scale posters, paintings and objects. Lautrec often had celebrities as his main subjects, which then in turn, helped launch their career. Visit this exhibit to discover a new side of Paris’ culture, giving tribute to influential singers and dancers, such as Jane Avril and Aristide Bruant. 

Bauhaus Chicago: Design in the City

Chicago has always embraced design and creative thinking. Without it, we wouldn’t be the exceptional city that we are today! The exhibition focuses on this year’s worldwide celebration of the Bauhaus centenary. After World War II, many designers and educators left Europe and settled in Chicago, sparking a movement of adaptive design methods from Germany. Featured pieces come from a variety of artists, including Ludwig Hilberseimer, Elsa Kula, Nathan Lerner, and more. These designers, both teachers and students, left a mark in 20th-century history of design and architecture. 

Noda Tetsuya: My Life in Print

Japanese artist, Noda Tetsuya, portrays his life’s moments through unique prints created through a multilayered method. By combining techniques such as photography, drawing, lining and shading, Tetsuya develops prints that give profound messages relevant to a certain time in his life. Each print is titled Diary, followed by a date. This collection has over 500 images and serves a re-telling of Tetsuya’s life, from moments with his family to environmental activism. This exhibition is not only art, but a creative biography. 

Intimate Modernity

We’ve all heard of Impressionism- best known for their beautiful paintings of landscapes and gardens. However, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Instead of focusing on grand landscapes, Intimists focus on interior scenery, experimenting with different levels of color, pattern, form and atmosphere. In this exhibit, you will discover artwork that takes a moment in time and puts it into an artistic perspective. Modern Intimists want to create artwork inviting of reflection even in the most simplest moments of life.

Written By: Jessica Narvaez

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