Don’t Let the Holidays Slip Away Without Garrett Popcorn!


On the first day of Christmas my family gave to me… a Chicago Classic Bundle from Garrett Popcorn! This is exactly what your family will be belting out loud as they unwrap their holiday gift from their favorite Chicago relative. Garrett Popcorn wants to make sure that, even if from miles away, you can send a special gift with a touch of Chicago culture. This holiday season, Garrett Popcorn has released their holiday gift guide, making sure you have simple choices for some thoughtful and delicious gifts. Celebrate the holidays with these Chicago favorites from Garrett Popcorn. 

  1. Chicago Classic Bundle

Send a loved one a special treat with two Chicago favorites. This bundle includes a 16-piece box of Frango Milk Mint and Signature blue classic tin of Garrett Mix. Get the perfect mix of sweet, salty and minty. The bundle sells for $45 and guarantees a delicious piece of Chicago. Even if your family cannot make it to the holiday gathering, this bundle will remind them of our Windy City.

  1. Family Get Together 

We all know the holidays bring family together. Why not let Garrett Popcorn help with that? You’ll have everyone smiling with their Family Get Together Tin. Filled up with one half of Original Garrette Mix and the other half with Hot Cocoa Caramel Crisp Mix, it’s simply the holidays in one tin. Currently on sale for $50.00 — you won’t want to miss out. 

  1. Winter Spruce Bundle 

Chocolate absolutely belongs on popcorn! If you agree, their Winter Spruce Bundle will not disappoint. This bundle includes a Classic tin of Garrett Mix and one petite tin of Hot Cocoa Caramel Crisp Mix. Enjoy the original mix with others, and set aside the petitie tin for the true chocolate lovers. 

  1. Garrett Stocking Stuffers 

If Santa is feeling generous this year, these stocking stuffers are made for everyone on the nice list. So delicious, perhaps even for those on the naughty list. Each order includes 6 mini tins filled with your choice of either their original Garrett Mix or their Hot Cocoa Caramel Crisp Mix. It’s easy to spread joy this holiday season with these stocking stuffers. For your parents, the distant cousins, or the beloved grandparents. Let’s stuff everyone’s stocking, staring at $50. 

  1. Petite Garrett Mix and Frango Bundle

This seasonal delight comes with Petite red and green tin of Garrett Mix and an 8 oz round canister of Frango Mint Trio. Whomever this gift is for, they’re one lucky someone. Their popular Mint Trio includes original milk mint, dark mint, and white chocolate mint pieces. Not one, but three mint choices— now that’s refreshing. Get your hands on this tasteful combination for $24.95. 

  1. Caramel Lover Bundle 

Calling all caramel Lovers! Garrett Popcorn shares your passion, which is why they’ve created the ultimate caramel bundle. This set includes a Signature platinum classic tin of Caramel Crisp and a 16-piece box of Himalayal Salted Caramel.  Indulge in this caramel experience yourself or gift it to a special someone for $45. 

  1. Garrett Snack Packs 

These snack bags can be paired with any gift, big or small. Available in a 12 count box or 24 count box of Garret Mix, this makes it easy to pair all gifts with a small, but delicious and thoughtful snack. Also, these snack packs are ideal to serve in small gatherings, letting everyone have their own individual pack. The 12 pack retails for $24.95 and the 24 pack retails for $44.95. 

Written By: Jessica Narvaez

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