Cocktails To Go


Who said your backyard isn’t the perfect place for a night out? Or perhaps your living room makes the perfect lounge to hang out with friends? We won’t know unless we bring the drinks to you. Chicago is filled with hundreds of businesses crafting all kinds of cocktails, perfect for every mood and occasion. Bars and restaurants are offering cocktails to go– let the fun live on. 


Located in Logan Square, Estereo takes pride in offering fun twists to traditional Latin-merican cocktails. Try their Mezcal to-go, including Vago & Mal Bien Mezcales, infused with Klug farms late harvest strawberry, cocchi rosa, lime, carbonation. Or their Tequila Sotol Negroni, including their Por Siempre Sotol, Casacahuín tequila, cocchi rosa, campari, and grapefruit bitters. With ingredients famous from all over letin america, they create some tasteful drinks, ready to bring some culture and fun to the party. 

Big Star

If you’re looking to bring over a small group of friends, Big Star is ready to share their mixology secrets. Bring on the margaritas! They are offering margarita kits to-go which include one bottle of blue agave tequila, a quart of house margarita mix & a recipe card. The kit will serve 12 cocktails, and a bit more to keep the night young. If not everyone on the invite list enjoys margaritas, Big Star also offers cocktails to-go, each individual order providing two servings. Look at their menu options to pick the best cocktail for you. 


This urban rustic barn is ready to turn over their hosting privileges to wherever you see best fit. Maybe by the fireplace? Or on your porch enjoying the cool autumn breeze? Scofflaw wants to make sure you keep coming back for their bottled cocktails. Some of those include their Go Getter Cocktail, including a tropical agave drink, mixed with mezcal, cherry, pineapple and lime. They also have a Solstice bottle cocktail, including tequila maraschino, lime, grapefruit, absinthe. We can’t forget the fan favorite Piña Colada, which will really get the party started. These individually served bottles allow you to choose various cocktails to get the best of what Scofflaw has to offer. 

The Violet Hour

Found in Wicker Park, The Violet Hour is thrilled to continue to serve their community and all Chicagoans alike. Their to-go cocktails are served with two servings per order, and you can pick from 8 of their carefully made drinks. Their Blueridge Manhattan includes a mix of Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey,  Carpano Antica Vermouth, Dolin Dry Vermouth, Peychaud’s Bitters, Laphroaig Scotch. If you’re looking for a fresher taste, their Juliet & Romeo drink includes botanist gin, lime, cucumber, mint, Angostura bitters, salt and rose water. With the cold weather creeping in, they also offer their popular The Hand Warmer drink, served warm. It includes Laird’s House barrel apple brandy, campari, angostura bitters, honey, pomegranate, lemon, nutmeg. 

The Whistler 

This bar is whistling all cocktails lovers to visit their curbside pick-up. Whistler originals are now available to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. While they enjoy mixing up some traditional favorites, like margaritas and manhattans, they like to go above and beyond. Try their Cherry Bounce, including Rye Whiskey, Bing Cherries, Demerara sugar that’s been aged for 10 months. You can’t rush greatness! Another fan favorite includes Verdita, mixing cilantro, mint, pineapple, lime, jalapeno, and habanero. They also have a variety of spirits to choose from to pair perfectly with any other drink of your choice. 

Chicago bars want to make sure you don’t miss out on their cocktails any time of the year. Your safety is their main priority, alongside creating the best drinks around. 

Written By: Jessica Narvaez

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