Chicago Breweries: Wicker Park


You can never go wrong visiting a brewery. Especially now with the temperatures getting cooler, it is a great place to spend time inside with friends and family while enjoying the taste of various beer selections. Here is a list of breweries in Wicker Park that any beer lover would enjoy. 

Goose Island Brewhouse 

This brewery known as the Clybourn Brewhouse is located on North Clybourn Avenue and offers a broad selection of beers and 13 ciders If you’re looking for a sweeter flavor. They also offer a food menu that includes small appetizers such as wings, beet hummus and fried cheese curds. The big food items include the smash burger, fried chicken sandwich, fish & chips, and many more entrees. If you’re feeling a desert they offer a key lime pie or a BCS milkshake. In addition if this brewery sparks your interest, book a brewery tour which will show you how the beer is made and will teach you about the culture and history of the brewery. For more information on times and table reservations visit their website. 

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria 

If you’re looking for a beer and a slice of pizza this is the place to be. A roofing company garage turned into a pizzeria with a skyline ceiling and a sunken lounge. This brewery is located on North Avenue and mainly offers IPA’s, Ales and Lagers. Once you’re hungry, you can order a small, medium or large pizza from their selection of pizzas which include Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage Pizza and the Honey Buttered Fried Chicken Pizza.. For more information and reservations visit their website. 

Pipeworks Brewing Co. 

This brewery was created by a group of friends from Chicago in 2012 who had a goal of crafting “quality and creative beers.” Pipeworks is now self-distributed in Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison and can be found in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and many more. So yes, this is the place where the beer is the highlight. They are currently offering curbside pickup, where many of their beer selections tend to sell out. Pipeworks offers the Pineapple Guppy, Immediate Future, the Lizard King, and many more creatively named beers. For more information visit their website. 

Written By Marla Chavez Garcia

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