Celebrate Italy at Navy Pier’s Neighborhoods of the World


Chicago is famous for its ethnic neighborhoods—and Navy Pier is proud to honor the city’s Italian community with this cultural celebration for all ages. Join them for a lively afternoon of music, puppetry, mosaic workshop, colorful costumes and local vendors selling art. For more information about Neighborhoods of the world visit here.

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Written By Amber Holst

Amber Holst is Vice President & Editorial Director at Concierge Preferred. A native Chicagoan, she’ll happily bend your ear about why Top Notch burgers are a must (as is an Original Rainbow Cone) and can often be found procuring milk candy in Chinatown after dim sum with her partner in crime or rooting on her beloved Green Bay Packers (yes, that’s right) at Will’s Northwoods Inn. Lover of cured meats, prosecco, and good old fashioned “slashies” she considers herself fortunate to be able to promote her hometown for a living. Fun fact? She can play the accordion.

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