Blue Man Group Updates Guarantee Standing Ovations

Guests always find something new when they see the Blue Men, but these new Blue Man Group updates will get you out of your seats and dancing.

Lindsey Best

Guests always find something new when they see the Blue Men, but these new Blue Man Group updates will get you out of your seats and dancing.

Although every show at Blue Man Group Chicago is different because a lot of the show depends on audience interaction, it’s been a few years since a technological and content update. Guests will experience a new sequence dedicated to the selfie, new GiPad content critiquing ads and password requirements, the addition of the song “Giacometti” from the group’s latest album “Three,” and a new finale that guarantees a dance party.

While the changes keep the show fresh, it doesn’t stray away from the fun, silliness, and interactivity behind the Blue Man Group. For kids and adults, many of the best parts of the show is when the Blue Men do what we’ve all been taught not to do—play with food and make a mess with paint. Every week the production goes through 50 gallons of paint, 32 pounds of Jell-O, 44 boxes of Twinkie Lights, 8 boxes of Cap’n Crunch cereal, 40 pieces of white chocolate Toblerone, and 385 marshmallows. If you’re sitting close to the stage don’t be surprised to get a little dirty from all the fun.

In addition to the mess, the message is still not lost. There are six Blue Men who rotate during shows in Chicago, and some of them have been Blue Men for over 20 years. This dedication really comes through on stage. The Blue Men express a childlike curiosity to every food item, instrument, and every reaction by the audience. The curiosity is important because it leads the Blue Men to create great spectacles, tricks, and music. For the younger audiences, a Blue Man Group performance encourages the exploration of curiosity, and for older audiences it encourages you to try looking at the world again like the Blue Men do.

By the end of the show when you’re on your feet for the new finale and laughing and dancing with those around you, the Blue Men are no longer odd, alien-like humanoids that you observe like a funny science experiment. You’ll realize that there is a little bit of Blue Men in all our DNA.

Blue Man Group performs at Briar Street Theatre, 3133 N. Halsted St. Tickets range from $49–$99. For schedules and more information visit

Written By Joel Mora

Joel Mora is editor at Concierge Preferred. Born and raised in Miami, Fl., Joel has slowly ate, drank, and explored his way up north refining all his senses to prepare for the stampede of delicious dining, notorious nightlife, stellar shopping, and captivating culture that calls Chicago home. In the wild he’ll be the red-bearded Cuban with a Lagunitas IPA in his hand.

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