Best Bars to Watch Super Bowl LIV


There are hundreds of bars in Chicago, so how do you choose which ones to watch the Super Bowl at? Whether you are a casual viewer or a die-hard sports fan this list will guide you to ultimate Super Bowl party. 


This notorious Wrigleyville bar isn’t just limited to baseball; they are alive year-round, especially for the Super Bowl. Not only are there 30 plus TV screens to watch the game on but there is also skee-ball, batting cages and much more to pass the time during the commercials. This massive two balcony establishment has plenty of room to accommodate you and your friends for the ultimate game day experience. 


Reggie’s annual Super Bowl Bash is back with an all you can eat buffet, live music, halftime eating contest and a chili cook off. Between the music, the game and the food it’s like a festival shoved into one building. Get there early to get the most out of your buffet experience. 


Hooters is throwing a Super Bowl party at any Chicagoland location giving away a 50 inch HD TV to one lucky winner. Come to the original hooters in Chicago during the game for some hot wings and cold beers. 


With a patio and a retractable roof top, this sports bar offers a one of kind viewing experience. There is a special guest DJ to get the crowd going, a tailgate special starting from 3:30 until kickoff and a meal and drink package to get you through the fourth quarter. It’s the perfect place for casual viewers and professional party animals. 

Bounce Sporting Club

This upscale establishment is a restaurant by day, nightclub at night and a party city on game day.  During the game, there are a variety of food and drink specials including fine house-smoked wagyu brisket and banana- infused Jameson shots. Stick around after the game to kick off the after party. 

Timothy O’Toole’s

This place has always been known for its great food and good times, so naturally, it’s a local favorite for watching the Super Bowl. The service is fast and friendly and drinks flow like the River Shannon. Regardless of what team you’re rooting for you’re bound to enjoy yourself. 

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By: Monica Liwag

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