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We know there’s a lot going on, and 2020 has not been an easy year. We all deserve a little break to enjoy some good drinks with our quarantine buddies. 

With the additional closures it might be hard to know where you can even go out to grab a beer. If the liquor store isn’t cutting it anymore, try picking up from one of these places! 

Marz Community Brewing Co. 

Marz Community Brewing Co. offers curbside pick-up and contact-free delivery for their signature beer choices. They don’t just brew beers for their taste, but they brew with a purpose. Take for example their 4-pack of the Machine, an American Pale Ale of 5.3% ABV. Brewed to encourage beer lovers to be knowledgeable and participate in the political process. They also offer Chug Life Lime, a sparkling Lager with Lime, with a semi-sweet malt flavor and with a bold carbonation. Others include their Sunshine Brigade, Boogie Nights, and People Power. If these names keep you wondering, order from their site to find out more. 

Off Color Brewing’s Mousetrap 

This mousetrap is ready to catch you, and in the comfort of your own home. Their beers to-go will leave you wanting to venture their creative menu. Just visit their website and you won’t be disappointed. Currently Brewing is their Apex Predator, a farmhouse ale with ABV of 6.5% tasting of explosive fruit juice and pineapple aroma, mixed with lemon grass. Or perhaps try their Gator Time, a wild ale fermented in puncheons with cherries mixed with clementine.  They have a wide variety of unique beers that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Once you order online in advance, you can either pick up your new treasures from the Mousetrap yourself, or have them pay you a visit. Pick your favorites from this list of choices. 

The Hopewell Brewing Co. 

Located in Logan Square, The Hopewell Brewing Co. is hoping that you treat yourself to some of their specialty beers. This brewing company seeks to connect with people through their thoughtful beer. They understand they are unable to serve their Chicagoans how they best know how, however, their brewed beers are available through their Hopewell Supermarket, home delivery, and various shops around the area. Some of their favorite beers that will keep you coming for a second pour include their First Pils, a pilsner with 5.1% ABV and their Table Salt, a gose-style sour with a 4.5% ABV. Others include their Going Places IPA, and their Blackraz, a black raspberry lemon peel. Hopewell never fails to serve you spectacular options. 


Like their name? You’ll like their beer even more. While they cannot serve you in their rustic bar space, they are more than happy to keep you happy in the comfort of your own home. Beermiscous enjoys categorizing their beer as ‘Hoppy’, ‘Light’, ‘Dark’, ‘Sour’, and ‘Other’ making sure you get exactly what you want. Their Hoppy beers, like their Three Kings and Tamaki, have low bitterness and are usually IPAs and Pale Ales. Light beers, like their Two Lights and Crisp Boy, among others, offer a lighter taste, while their dark beers like Fitness Freak and Bernie, leave a heavier note. They also have Sour options, leaving an explicitly sour taste or a mildly acidic one. They aren’t scared to serve some real masterpieces of beer. 

Goose Island Fulton Street Brewery 

Goose Island is brewing up some new beers on Fulton Street. Goose Island loves creating fan-favorites for everyone, so they’re never scared to mix it up. They are available for pick-up with their traditional 312 cans and their Goose IPA, as well as some other fun drinks. For example, their HAZY IPA, White Sox Golden Ale, Next Coast IPA, and SPF Fruit Ale. All of their beers are available in 4pk or 6pks. Their wide variety of beers allows for a fun day/night trying new flavors. You might just find your new favorite beer. Goose Island never disappoints, whether it’s inside their taproom or in your living room.  

Have fun and drink responsibly Chicagoans! 

Written By: Jessica Narvaez

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