5 Concierge Faves to Pick Up a Local Souvenir


Chicago Architecture Center Store

The Chicago Architecture Center is dedicated to exploring the importance and beauty of Chicago’s architecture. Likewise, the CAC’s store has some amazing items celebrating Chicago’s culture and art. Where else can you get a piggy bank that is a replica of the Bean?

Driehaus Museum Store

Chicago’s museums have complicated and beautiful gift shops and stores, including the historic Driehaus Museum. Occupying an old guest room in the museum, this shop houses a collection of handmade jewelry, books and crafts.

Chicago Sports Depot at Guaranteed Rate Field

If you are looking for White Sox memorabilia there is no better place to look then at the source. These stores are the best places to find jerseys, caps, and baseball merch. Why go anywhere else when you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth?

I Love Chicago!

Do you really love Chicago? If you do then you must go to this store for all your souvenir needs. That includes magnets, keychains, clothes, and all the pins you could ask for! You never quite know what you’ll find here, so it’s best to stop by in person.

MCA Chicago Store

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has plenty of amazing keepsakes based off of modern art. Some things you can expect to see here include water flasks with street art designs, balloon dogs made of metal, and clothes and jewelry inspired by modern art. Pretty cool, huh?

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