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Navy Pier Food Vendors Featured

Written by  Elizabeth Pierson
Chicago Navy Pier Dock Street Chicago Navy Pier Dock Street

Chicago Navy Pier Food

Sometimes, all you want is to sit and be served. To get off of your feet and let someone else bring the food to you. But sometimes, you’re a go-getter, munching on the move. Sure, you can’t enjoy that three-course meal on foot, but there are certain foods made especially for right-out-of-the-hand consumption. And at Navy Pier, a prime spot for some good ol’ Chicago walking, you’re at no shortage of seasonal vendors for on-the-go treats.

Navy Pier Food Vendors

If you’re looking for a filling lunch and not just a mid-afternoon snack, America’s Dog is your destination. You finally get to try the famous Chicago-style hot dog—mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt and a pickle spear—and you don’t have to stop on your walk to the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel: it’s outside and on the way! There is another larger location inside the food court, but we recommend the waterside stand for less lines and a more authentic lunch-on-the-boardwalk feel.

Offering another good food made for being clutched in your hand, Auntie Anne’s has the monopoly on warm Navy Pier pretzels. Located at the east end of the gigantic food court, Auntie Anne’s is perfect for that light lunch or afternoon treat. Whether you choose a plain pretzel dipped in gooey cheese for lunch, or a cinnamon sugar one for a dessert, a snack of twisted dough is an ideal partner for a walk down Navy Pier.

If you’re just looking for a little something to tide you over before a huge dinner at Bubba Gump’s, try a bag of nuts from the Completely Nuts stand. You’ll probably find yourself there anyway after you catch one sniff of the caramelizing sugar in the air. So follow your nose and try some cinnamon roasted peanuts, almonds, pecans or cashews. Pop a few into your mouth as you soak up the sun on your stroll.

And a leisurely jaunt on a day when the sun is just too hot, we know ice cream is your craving. A food that is a staple of the American boardwalk is found in abundance on Navy Pier. For a standard cone that you can lick as you prepare for a boat ride, Ben & Jerry’s has crazy flavors and mouthwatering waffle cones. The Dippin’ Dots vendor on Navy Pier can introduce you to classic flavors in a new shape: small, frozen balls to eat with a spoon. The Taylor Street Trolley also offers ice cream and, for the thirsty walkers, a delicious frozen lemonade. And if you want to wander the public art installation (the Navy Pier Walk) before you step onto Navy Pier, don’t miss the modern take on the classic summer treat, the Orange Creamsicle, from a vendor in the park.

If your Navy Pier time happens to be post-dinner, a multitude of outdoor stand is available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a churro at the Churro Factory or some fresh cotton candy on a stick from Flav-o-Ricious. The Massa vendor will delight you with tasty fried dough or a scoop of gelato…or both, for a unique summer sundae!