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Navy Pier IMAX Theatre

Written by  Amber Holst
Navy Pier iMAX Navy Pier iMAX

Navy Pier IMAX History

Located in the Family Pavilion at Navy Pier, the colossal IMAX Theatre is a monster of a movie theater. The Navy Pier IMAX experience takes guests on a wild adventure into a completely different world. Grab some popcorn and dive into an entire 6-story performance that will have viewers glued to their seats at the Navy Pier IMAX Theatre.

Navy Pier IMAX Facts

As Chicago’s largest movie theater, the Navy Pier IMAX Theatre seats 440 people and has a screen measuring 60 feet by 80 feet. Overall, the monumental screen at Navy Pier IMAX theatre is 6 stories high, but from one of its seats, the screen appears endless.

Navy Pier IMAX Experience

If you've ever watched a film at the IMAX theatre, you know how it feels to sit amidst the booming surround-sound speakers and in front of the gargantuan screen. IMAX Theatre audiences feel they're moving right along with the camera.

In fact, many large-budget film productions have begun using special cameras developed for screening at IMAX Theatres, giving each and every action and thriller scene a more intimate feel. One such film took place right here in Chicago. IMAX cameras were used to shoot several of the action scenes in the 2008 smash hit, Batman: The Dark Knight. Following the opening of the film at Navy Pier, it ran for 72 hour straight in the IMAX Theatre at Navy Pier Chicago.

Navy Pier IMAX in 3D

Watch a 3-D IMAX show to see characters and objects jump off of the screen and into the theater. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling the urge to reach out your hands to touch these characters and objects in your favorite cartoons, action flicks, and more—they are unbelievably realistic!

Family-Friendly Showings at Navy Pier IMAX

Families will love the wide variety of kid-friendly shows at the IMAX Theatre at Navy Pier Chicago throughout the year. Youngsters will delight at large-scale and 3-D shows featuring their favorite cartoon characters and super heroes.

The IMAX Theatre also features a variety of educational shows, typically in the mornings. Swim with sharks, take a flight to Mars and hunt with lions without ever leaving your seat. Through the IMAX Theatre, the whole family can take a whirlwind adventure and see places, animals, and cultures from around the planet!

Not Just for Kids!

Kids love the IMAX, but adults will be similarly captivated by their IMAX Chicago experience! The IMAX Theatre focuses on shows geared toward an older audience from the afternoon until late at night. Try watching an action film at the IMAX Theatre - within minutes you'll feel that you're in the middle of all the excitement.

It's all part of the Chicago IMAX experience: Seeing your favorite movie star standing six stories high will give you a whole new perspective on watching films.

Tickets for the Navy Pier IMAX Theatre can be purchased in advance online by calling (312) 595-5629. For more information on upcoming shows and schedules, check the Navy Pier IMAX website.

The Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Bus Co. stops at the Navy Pier IMAX Theater.