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Uncovered & Rediscovered: Stories of Jewish Chicago | Spertus Institute
September, 19 2010 - December, 31 2012
Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies - Chicago
Category: The City of Chicago's Official Tourism Site


Showcasing archival materials, cultural and fine art objects, and audio and visual recordings from its rich and varied collections, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies opens an evolving eight-part exhibit that explores the Chicago Jewish experience. Beginning Sunday, September 19 and continuing through the end of 2012, Uncovered & Rediscovered: Stories of Jewish Chicago will unfold in a series of focused, changing “chapters” (each on display from three to six months) revealing the stories of individuals, places, events, and particular moments from Chicago’s Jewish past. These stories range from the 19th-century romance behind the launch of the Spiegel mail order catalog to the impact of Jewish votes from Lawndale on the election of President Kennedy. The exhibit will tell tales of Chicago’s Jewish pioneers and politicians, artists and anarchists, authors and entrepreneurs, and even Jewish boxers.

Uncovered & Rediscovered is FREE to the public and open 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday - Thursday, in the ground floor vestibule and lobby of the Spertus building.  The exhibit will expand to other areas of the building as it progresses, and is augmented by an interactive media center on the 2nd floor, featuring clips of film and television recordings about Chicago Jewish life. In addition, visitors will be able to add their own personal stories of Jewish life to an interactive map of the Chicago area. This “memory map” will be accessible on-line and at Spertus.