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So Naughty, So Nice

Written by  Adam Marks
Breakfast with Santa at the John Hancock Observatory Breakfast with Santa at the John Hancock Observatory

Holidays are a time to celebrate with family over nice meals in cozy atmospheres. Sometimes, though, you need a little escape from all things wholesome. Here are some great ways to indulge both your naughty AND nice needs.

NICE – Wildfire Grill

Looking for a great meal with a large group? Wildfire is the place for it. Their warm, inviting dining room has a great festive feel. There are plenty of options to keep everyone happy. The carnivores in the group will love the beautiful steaks, but they have great fish and vegetarian options as well. Kids will love their pizza menu and the warm, comforting side dishes. Wildfire also boasts an extensive gluten-free menu.

NAUGHTY - Aviary

From Grant Achatz, the genius behind Alinea and Next, comes Aviary, an upscale bar that puts as much energy and thought into its cocktails as most fine dining establishments put into their entrees. Explore succulent and rare cocktails mixed with curious bites. You’ll surely find your holiday tipsy, but indulge the sensuality of your palette in the process. It’s not cheap, but it’s an experience to remember.

NICE – John Hancock Observatory

Take the kids up to the John Hancock Observatory for Breakfast with Santa every Saturday and Sunday in December. They’ll remember the wonderful food, the great décor, and the unparalleled view. Plus, you can sneak over to the café to try their Espesso, a creamy espresso mousse you eat instead of drink.

NAUGHTY – Violet Hour

Go through the heavy curtains for an enchanting evening at the Violet Hour. Bring a special someone, or see if there is someone else there on the prowl. They have great small plates of antipasti, artisanal cheese, and mouth-watering charcuterie, but they’re known for the drinks. The cocktails are famous for depth of flavor, and they pack a great punch as well.

NICE – Walker Brothers Pancake House

We can’t imagine anything more comforting on a cold winter morning than the Apple Cinnamon Pancake from Walker Brothers. Their classic menu will fill you with nostalgia, and provides a great opportunity for you to introduce children to your favorites from the past. A Chicago institution, Walker Bros. will bring a smile to any face.

NAUGHTY – Superdawg Drive-In

Let’s be honest. Some holiday parties are amazing, but some can leave you hungry and cranky. When you are heading to or from that party you wish you could have avoided, tackle your hunger (or inebriation) at Superdawg. This classic hot dog stand serves them up just right, but won’t set your budget back a bit. The diet can start after New Year’s.

So what’s it going to be? Naughty or Nice? We recommend a healthy combination of the two. Nobody needs to be the wiser…