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Chicago Food Trucks

Written by  Mike Chamernik
Chicago Food Trucks - The Slide Ride Chicago Food Trucks - The Slide Ride

Ordering “pick-up” from a restaurant? Pshaw! The newest food craze is Chicago Food Trucks. They come directly to you so you don’t have to spend precious minutes (or hours, in some cases) going out searching for a bite to eat.

Chicago Food Trucks have a variety of options, with both meal and dessert vehicles. Below is a listing of all the trucks by category, and Twitter accounts so you can see where they are headed.

Chicago Food Trucks - Savory

  • 5411 Gourmet Empanadas. Choose from several different fillings, including spinach and cheese, beef, barbecue chicken and caramelized onion. Feel free to mix it up with a red hot or chimichurri sauce. Twitter: @5411empanadas.
  • Bergstein’s Delicatessen. It’s a New York deli on wheels. Among truck menu items are corned beef on rye, pastrami on rye, and tuna sandwiches. They also mix different salads. Twitter: @BergsteinsNY.
  • Brown Bag Lunch Truck. Get that blue collar feeling by ordering lunch here. And they keep it simple with three sandwich options: brisket, pulled pork, and peanut butter chicken. Twitter: @brownbagtruck.
  • Falafelwich Wagon. Menu has a heavy Mediterranean influence, naturally. Order a Falafelwich, a gyro, or a curried chicken sandwich, and wash it down with some watermelon basil lemonade. Twitter: @falafelwich312.
  • Gaztro-Wagon. The truck will have a rotational menu serving food like wild boar, BBQ duck, lamb Reuben and butternut squash sandwiches, all served on Naan flat bread. Twitter: @wherezthewagon.
  • Haute Sausage. These are not your average hot dogs. Sausages styles include Cabo bacon cheddar, Moroccan lamb, and campfire bison. Twitter: @hautesausage.
  • Southern Mac & Cheese Truck. This is much better than the mac and cheese box you got from the supermarket for 63 cents. Their rotational macaroni and cheese menu ranges from pepperoni, chorizo, Italian sausage and truffle-infused cheddar. Twitter: @thesouthernmac.
  • Tamalli Space Charros. It’s a tamale truck inspired by sci-fi and Mexican wrestlers. Really. Twitter: @tamalespace101.
  • Taquero Fusion. Enjoy a few varieties of tacos, made from chicken, steak or only vegetables. Rice and beans are side orders, and Mexican Pepsi (made with cane sugar) is available in bottles. Twitter: @taquerofusion.
  • The Slide Ride. They specialize in gourmet sliders, BBQ pulled pork, and apple cider chicken. You’ll be sure not to miss the deep pink truck. Twitter: @theslideride.
  • The Wagyu Wagon. Their top menu item, the Longhorn burger, is quite big. It’s a quarter pound of beef with BBQ pork shoulder, cheese, onions and jalapenos. The wagon also has tacos and chili dogs. Twitter: @thewagyuwagon.

Chicago Food Trucks - Sweets

  • Cupcakes for Courage. Sure, you can have a vanilla-on-vanilla cake, but you can go bigger with toasted coconut, maple bacon, turtle and dreamsicle cupcakes too. The business is a way to get money for one of the co-workers cancer treatments. Twitter: @CourageousCakes.
  • Flirty Cupcakes. Another creative cupcake truck, with cupcakes like the “Raspberry Stole My Heart” (chocolate cupcake, raspberry cream cheese filling and topping) and “Paradise Island” (pineapple rum cupcake, coconut cream cheese frosting). Twitter: @flirtycupcakes.
  • More Cupcakes. Literally. Choose from exotically simple flavors like Madagascar vanilla and valrhona chocolate, or complex cupcakes made with chocolate ganache or lemon centers. Twitter: @themoremobile.
  • Starfruit. Try frozen kefir topped with fresh fruits, nuts or candy. Best part is that Starfruit’s menu is nutritious. You know, as long as you don’t get too crazy with the M&M toppings. Twitter: @starfruitcafe.
  • Sweet Miss Giving’s. Pick up some cupcakes, biscotti, cookies or other treats. 100% of all SMG’s profits go to help the formerly homeless and HIV/AIDS-affected men, women, and children of Chicago House.
  • Sweet Ride. They don’t just have cupcakes; Sweet Ride also sells Whoopie Pies, puddings and cake pops. Twitter: @sweetridechi.

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Magen Kimball prefers Chicago Food Trucks
January 9, 2012 at 11:10 AM

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Magen Kimball 2012-01-09 12:11
The best way to keep track of these trucks is through twitter- since the food truck business is tough, and many favorites close (with fun new ones opening) all the time.